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As a retailer of fine imported chocolate, we select only the best for our store.  Ma's Kitchen Crunch is of the highest quality one would find in a unique candy.  Once a customer tries a sample of this product, one is almost guaranteed a sale.  In fact, customers usually buy more than one bag of crunch at a time!  Keep up the good work.
Matthew Hallett
Chocolate & Creams


I tried a little bar of Crunch today, given to me by my brother, who attended the Gilda's benefit last night. I'm in heaven, you've made my day. Wow, what a product.
Thanks for taking such care in what you do.
A new fan,
Catharine Hortsing

I recently tried the Crunch Candy that was given out at the CIBC "It's

Always Something" Night and thought it was fantastic!

Michelle S


Oh my 'goodness'. That candy is too *@##! amazing. Someone bought me some as a gift and I ate it consistently until it was gone. Now I have to have more...and more. At a time when most companies seem to be compromising quality, it is great to know that it is still possible to find the best...and it is, THE BEST stuff I've ever tasted.

Thanks Ma's Kitchen. I'm hooked.

Sandra M

Dear Janet,
You are soooooo mean!  I think that I pumped up 10 pounds this afternoon!
Of course, I tried to only have one little taste, but then..... this power surge
took over my menopausal body, and low & behold, the entire candy was
devoured with my Country Style in hand!  Tomorrow will be my day of
completing 5,000 sit-ups!  I feel you are responsible for my weakness!
The candy was wonderful!  Thank you for sharing!  The presentation is
lovely as well!  It's amazing what you can do to your body in one
afternoon, or should I say in the span of 15 minutes!
Hope your day went well, and many thanks Janet!  That was very sweet
of you to make me a "chubbette"!
With Best Regards 


Your treats are amazing! My girlfriend's family are farmers and appreciate homemade stuff, so i was going to try and bake for their christmas gifts. Your snacks will make a great gift for them and take some of the holiday pressure off of me. Thanks - Jonathan , Thornhill


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