About Us


Welcome to Ma's Kitchen. I am proud to carry on the tradition of making delicious homemade candy from a recipe that evolved over generations in my family. Ma was my grandmother. I have many wonderful memories of the time I spent with her in the kitchen. At Ma's side I learned the secrets of cooking and baking using the finest ingredients, and the greatest of care. I took Ma's wisdom and her special touch and began to craft this delectable treat known as "Crunch" on my own. After years of making candy for my friends and family, and being urged to "share this amazing stuff with the world" I formally launched my company in July 2002. It seemed only natural to name it after the woman who inspired me. The rest is history!

I have never stopped being delighted and thrilled by the reception my candy receives. This perfect combination of crisp buttery crunch topped with smooth chocolate and the freshest nuts is simply heavenly. In fact, many people who taste it for the first time utter comments of a religious nature! I am proud to offer a product that not only tastes divinely addictive, but looks beautiful as well. Every batch is carefully packed to show off the candy in elegant and classic gift boxes, bags and tins.

The response to Ma's Kitchen in these short months has been nothing short of incredible . Even though production and demand have increased dramatically, each piece of candy is still handcrafted using the same care that Ma would be proud of. Crunch is made by hand in small batches, with the same pride and attention to detail that went into the very first piece. In this world of mass production I am happy to put my name behind a product that reflects the old world values of quality, value and a personal touch. You will love to eat it, and you will be proud to give it as the ultimate gift to those you care about.

I want to personally thank all those friends, family members, and business associates who have been so encouraging and supportive as Ma's Kitchen has evolved.

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